Same-Day Dentistry

At Manolakis Dental Clinic we utilise cutting-edge technology and protocols in order to dramatically reduce treatment time. A CAD/CAM digital workflow allows us to manufacture full-ceramic crowns within a couple of hours and deliver them on the same day.


When a tooth needs to be extracted, in many cases we can replace it with a dental implant immediately. If the conditions allow, we can even place a provisional crown on top on the same day. Guided implant placement increases the precision of this treatment and improves the final esthetic outcome.



Esthetic Smile Improvement

Studies show that the first thing we notice about someone is the eyes and the second the smile. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, people say. What does your smile reflect?

Clinical Case

Porcelain Veneers

Clinical Case

Full-ceramic Crowns

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Prevention is our highest priority. Regular professional tooth-cleaning is mandatory,  even if you brush your teeth like a champion. Chronic deposition of plaque and tartar on teeth, especially on spots that the toothbrush cannot reach, can cause severe gum disease and decay.

In our clinic we utilize the GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) protocol for painless and most effective biofilm removal from all tooth surfaces. 

At the end of the prophylaxis appointment you will receive personalized tooth-care instructions according to your individual needs.

Virtual Planing & Guided Implant Placement

The goal of a dental implant treatment is not just to “close the gap”. The new restoration is expected to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the teeth in esthetics and function.

According to scientific studies, a dental implant has to be placed in a precise ideal position to fulfill these requirements. At Manolakis Dental Clinic we study the anatomical data in detail and combine this information with the shape of the new restoration. Utilizing special software we are planing virtually the new implants. A sophisticated guide that is 3D-printed in our clinic will then help us implement this ideal implant position during surgery. The result is a significant increase in precision and predictability of treatment. 


*Dr. Med. Dent. Alexandros Manolakis is giving international courses and lectures on this technology.

Intraoral Scan

Do you remember the unpleasant feeling you experienced the last time your dentist had to use a large tray full of silicone to take an impression of your teeth? This technique is outdated!

At Manolakis Dental Clinic we utilize intraoral scanning, the most modern technique to obtain precise digital impressions of teeth.

 *Dr. Med. Dent. Alexandros Manolakis is giving international course and lectures on this technology

Computer-controlled Anaesthesia

Are you avoiding the dentist because you are afraid of anaesthesia? At Manolakis Dental Clinic anaesthesia delivery is controlled by an electronic device that facilitates an exceptionally smooth and gentle delivery.

It is our priority to ensure you have a positive and painless experience during every treatment in our clinic. 

Bleaching Therapy

Bleaching therapy is a safe and painless method to brighten the color of teeth “from the inside”. If the teeth are dark because of stains and depositions on their surface, then professional tooth cleaning is needed. We are happy to advise you whether the in-office or the home-bleaching technique is best suited for you.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Loss of the last remaining teeth in the mouth is often associated with loss of self-confidence, a psychological trauma, a feeling of getting older.

At Manolakis Dental Clinic we implement the most modern protocols and technologies to restore esthetics and function of the mouth with dental implants. 

In many cases it is possible to extract teeth, immediately place dental implants and subsequently place a provisional restoration on the implants on the same day! Guided implant placement and digital planing help us accomplish this sophisticated treatment with outmost precision and reduced time.

You leave our clinic with fixed teeth and can enjoy your dinner on the same evening!

Clinical Case